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The US Army is 244 years old — here are 22 photos of its storied history

There's no other force like the US Army. These images from its 244 year history prove it.
China may have stolen US technology from the F-35 fighter jet program to build its own, similar-looking J-31.

Trump said Xi Jinping abandoned a signature economic initiative because he told him it was insulting

It's extremely unlikely that President Xi would have abandoned Made in China 2025, a central economic and military ambition, to avoid insulting Trump.

The US just quietly challenged China on something Beijing promised to go to war over

No US president for decades has been so supportive of Taiwan, and the US and China now find themselves in uncharted territory.

These haunting photo overlays capture the horrors of D-Day, which happened exactly 75 years ago

The D-Day invasion of France, code named Operation Overlord, was the largest seaborne invasion in history.

8 famous people who served on D-Day

June 6 will be the 75th anniversary of the invasion of Normandy in World War II. Here are 8 famous people you probably didn't know served on D-Day.

Inside the company helping veterans launch their own startups, from farming crickets to selling matcha powder

Bunker Labs, cofounded by Todd Connor, helps military veterans who are aspiring entrepreneurs start their own businesses.

9 incredibly successful companies founded by military veterans

People like Fred Smith or Sam Walton have become household names for their business success. Less known is their prior military service.

15 current and former Fortune 500 CEOs who got their start in the military

Read about the real-life stories of current and former Fortune 500 CEOs who got their start in America's Armed Forces.

50 stores that offer military discounts all year long — including Under Armour, Nike, and L.L.Bean

These 50 stores offer year-round special discounts to military veterans and active-duty members of the US Armed Forces.
Gen. Barry McCaffrey, left, chief of the US Army Southern Command, greets soldiers from Fort Bragg, North Carolina upon their arrival in Panama City, Panama, December 12, 1994.

‘He will have taken a step to dishonor our armed forces’: One of the most highly-decorated retired US Army generals warns Trump against pa...

"It would tell foreign fighters that we accept the murder or maltreatment of our own forces if captured," Ret. US Army Gen. Barry McCaffrey wrote.