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Cutting back on small expenses won't save you the most money, but controlling your biggest expenses might.

A self-made millionaire who retired at 30 says budgeting is like dieting, and there’s a reason neither feels effective

Grant Sabatier likens budgets to dieting — the more guilt you feel, the less you stick with it because it becomes a point of anxiety and stress.
Early retirement can be achieved in seven steps.

Here’s the 7-step strategy one guy used to become a self-made millionaire and retire at 30

Self-made millionaire Grant Sabatier retired early at 30 with a nest egg of $1.25 million using a seven-step strategy. It could work for you.
Outsourcing work and creating passive income are key to getting rich.

A self-made millionaire who retired at 30 says the 2 best ways to build long-term wealth don’t require working overtime or obsessing about the s...

The two best ways to build sustainable wealth, according to self-made millionaire Grant Sabatier, need little effort: Passive income and outsourcing.

Here’s how millennial investors are trading Nvidia

Nvidia's stock price has soared over the past year, and millennials have been a big driver of that growth.

What it’s like to buy a London flat under shared ownership — the scheme that helps millennials get on the property ladder

Like many 20-something Londoners, the idea of buying my own flat had always seemed wildly unattainable.