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Generation Z is worried they'll end up like older millennials if the United States enters another recession.

The coronavirus pandemic could completely derail the careers of Gen Z — and they might end up a lot like older millennials

Graduating in a recession can cause a decade-plus long stagnation in economic prosperity, which could in turn doom Gen Zers entering the workforce.
Max Schulman

A Gen Zer who contracted the coronavirus during his spring break says the White House’s response to the pandemic is one of the main reasons why ...

Max Schulman admitted he wasn't "taking the threat that seriously" during his spring break. Now, he's encouraging others to understand the danger.
Millennials and baby boomers both think the other group isn't taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously enough.

Millennials and baby boomers keep blaming each other for not handling the coronavirus pandemic correctly, and they both have a point

Baby boomers are mad the youth is partying amid the coronavirus pandemic. Millennials are frustrated they can't get their boomer parents to stay home.
Social distancing can be isolating, but staying connected can help.

Virtual beer pong and Zoom dinner dates: 9 creative ways millennials are staying connected with their friends while self-isolating at home

Social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic can be isolating, but getting creative with technology can help us during the social recession.

9 slang words teens and Gen Zers are using in 2020 — and their boomer equivalents

Before Gen Zers were talking about "fire fits," boomers were complimenting people's "groovy threads."

‘It’s Gen Z you want’: Millennials are defending themselves from accusations that they’re out partying and ignoring warnings a...

Young people have been called out for not social distancing, but it's Gen Z who keep crowding beaches for spring break.
"Boomer remover," a catchphrase for the coronavirus pandemic, is trending on the internet.

A certain horrible subset of the internet is calling the coronavirus ‘boomer remover’

Some young people think the coronavirus is only an elderly threat, but a CDC report shows that up to 20% of hospitalized cases are ages 20 to 44.

The government is asking millennials to do their part during the coronavirus pandemic, here’s what millennials should demand in return

Opinion | Millennials are now on their second economic crisis, this time they should demand the economy be remade in a way that helps them prosper.

These home and kitchen startups want you to stay in more — here’s how they’re capitalizing on exhaustion

Online startups like Brooklinen want to help shoppers create a home they're excited to live in — and for which they have plenty of products.

World Health Organization: Young people aren’t invincible, and ‘this virus could kill you’

During a briefing Friday, WHO's director general delivered a message for young people: the coronavirus could land you in the hospital or kill you.