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The redesigned Apple store on 5th Ave has a living wall.

Millennials love plants so much it’s convincing tech companies to replace office artwork with ‘living walls’

Tech companies are embracing millennial's interest in plants and wellness to attract talent encourage them to work longer hours.
Millennials are stressed about all kinds of debt.

Millennials are buckling under all kinds of debt, and they’re freaking out

Millennials are stressed about all kinds of debt — mortgage, car loans, credit card, and student loans.
Most of America's millennial millionaires live in coastal states.

The top 10 states where America’s wealthiest millennials live, ranked

Almost half of America's millennial millionaires live in California, home to the most millennial business owners and real estate investors.
The "grandmillennial" aesthetic is in.

Millennials are dropping up to $150,000 to decorate their homes like their grandma’s house, and it says a lot about what the generation loves an...

Antiques, ruffles, brocade: Millennials are decorating their homes grandma-style, and it's a reaction to their generation's affinity for minimalism.

Chick-fil-A has a new sit-down dining option to win over millennial parents

Chick-fil-A executives told Business Insider that they hope to win over parents of young children with the sit-down, dine-in service.
Millennial millionaires will become even richer.

There are 618,000 millennial millionaires in the US, and they’re on track to inherit even more wealth from the richest generation ever

The "Great Wealth Transfer" will see an estimated $68 trillion passed down from baby boomers. By 2030, millennials will be five times richer than they are today.

Charmin made a massive toilet-paper roll for millennials that lasts up to 3 months, and it wasn’t big enough for them

Few people were buying the smaller of two versions of the Charmin Forever Roll, instead opting for the biggest size that weighed two pounds.
Millennials have more than student loan debt.

Millennials are swamped in debt, and it’s not just student loans

Mortgages are millennials' biggest debts. And nearly as many millennials have a mortgage as undergraduate student loan debt.
Millennials most likely to say they can't afford to save earn less than $50,000 a year.

The big reason why millennials haven’t invested in their 401(k)s: They don’t make enough money

Many millennials who aren't saving for retirement said they were unemployed or not worried about it. But most of all, they just can't afford to save.
Millennials with credit card debt are stressed.

More than half of millennials have credit-card debt, and it reflects a financial reality other generations didn’t face

Millennials with credit-card debt are reflective of the financial reality many are facing: living costs that are outpacing income growth.