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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West shared a photo of their daughter North West's room in this month's issue of Architectural Digest.

Kim Kardashian showed off North’s all-pink bedroom, and experts say the minimalist design could promote focus and reduce anxiety

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's unveiled their minimalistic $60 million home. Experts say children thrive in neutral and simply-designed spaces.
Celebrities often gravitate toward a cold decor style that interior designers don't like for a domestic space.

5 design trends celebrities love that interior designers hate

Interior designers told Insider they dislike when celebrities incorporate monochromatic color schemes and minimalism into their homes.

I stayed at Hong Kong’s first ‘capsule hotel’ to see what it’s like to live in micro — and the experience was a nightmar...

SLEEEP is Hong Kong's first capsule hotel, a concept invented in Japan that provides convenient "sleeping pods." I stayed there on a recent trip.
Let your space breath.

7 reasons a minimalist lifestyle can optimize creativity

Creatives often fall into the trap of over-identifying with their "stuff."

Cuyana’s new bodysuits can be worn with jeans for the weekend or under a blazer at work — we asked 4 women to try them

Cuyana is the startup behind our closets' best basics. Now, they're making super soft bodysuits that master the ballerina-chic look with comfort in mind.
Me, seeing which of my books "spark joy."

3 tips anyone can use from Marie Kondo’s ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’

Not every part of the KonMari method worked for me, but I did realize how to spark joy like Marie Kondo in "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up."
Canadian photographer Mackenzie Duncan lives in a tiny house on Vancouver Island.

A Canadian photographer who built his 104-square-foot tiny house with his own hands says he ‘house-hacked’ his way into ‘living for ...

Canadian photographer Mackenzie Duncan lives in a 104-square-foot tiny house on Vancouver Island. He likes to keep things simple.
A capsule wardrobe might make choosing what to wear to work this summer less of a hassle.

How to build the perfect summer capsule wardrobe for work

Knowing how to build a summer capsule wardrobe could come in handy if you want to save time or money. By eliminating your clothes to just a dozen or two pieces, choosing what to wear to work this summer maybe become less of a hassle.
Foster Huntington shows life on the move.

12 surreal photos of people traveling the world in vans that will make just about anyone want to abandon the 9-5 to be a modern nomad

In Foster Huntington's fourth book, "Van Life," he provides a lens into the romantic life of the modern nomad, a community that's embraced life on the road.
It's not about you.

The woman behind decluttering trend ‘Swedish death cleaning’ asks a simple question to decide what to throw away

In "The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning," Margareta Magnusson recommends considering how much meaning an object will have to others — not just to you.