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Two SAF servicemen face court martial over Aloysius Pang’s death: Mindef

The two servicemen face possible imprisonment for irrational acts leading to Aloysius Pang's death.
HMS Montrose

The UK is deploying another warship to the Persian Gulf as concern grows over a tanker that went missing near Iran

As the US gathers a coalition to protect shipping in the region, an oil tanker went into Iran's waters and mysteriously stopped transmitting.

Singapore Army’s new Hunter armoured fighting vehicle will supposedly make it a ‘more lethal fighting force’

It is "tougher and more capable" than the Ultra M113 currently in use.

Heng Swee Keat calls on KL to cease intrusions by govt vessels

"We will not hesitate to take firm actions to protect Singapore's sovereignty and territory."

Singapore extends its own port limits and says it will act firmly if Malaysian vessels continue to intrude

"Malaysia has never laid claim to these waters, or protested our actions there. Now, out of the blue, Malaysia is claiming these territorial waters that belong to Singapore."
A British commando fires at the Taliban as smoke rises from an airstrike in Helmand province, Afghanistan. British Ministry of Defence announced Thursday its plans to open more combat units to women, which will allow female soldiers the opportunity to apply for special operations roles.

The British SAS, one of the world’s top special forces, is opening its elite ranks to women

The British Ministry of Defence announced it has opened the door for women to serve in the SAS, one of the world's most elite military communities.
The mushroom cloud of the Castle Bravo test device.

A top think-tank has warned that cyber attacks on nuclear weapons could lead to accidental launches

A research paper by Chatham House, the UK's preeminent foreign affairs think-tank, listed 13 vulnerabilities in nuclear weapons systems used by the US and UK.

What life is like onboard Britain’s enormous new £3.5 billion aircraft carrier

Spoiler alert: Crew members are very into their fitness.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in 2014.

North Korea says it’s watching Britain ‘carefully’ after it ‘dared to impugn the dignity of our supreme leadership’

A statement carried by North Korea's state-run news agency said UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon should stop "dancing to the tune of the US."