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9 startling facts that show just how hard the student-debt crisis is hurting black Americans

Black students are more likely to take on debt, and graduates are nearly five times as likely to default on loans than their white peers.
A woman photographs the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street.

Women entrepreneurs are more bullish than men on revenues and hiring, but remain frustrated by limited access to funds

58% of women surveyed say they don’t have the same access to capital as men. Only 42% of men share that opinion.
A paramedic checking the blood sugar levels of a diabetes patient.

Where you live could have an impact on whether you get diabetes

Black people are nearly twice as likely as white people to develop type 2 diabetes. A groundbreaking new study suggests environmental factors may be to blame.

The ‘sobering’ gender and racial gap among economists is hurting everyone

Women and minorities deeply underrepresented in the economics profession.

The best argument for hiring diverse teachers is that kids like them best

A new study finds students of all races show greater preference for minority teachers than white teachers. Here's how schools can take that to heart.

America’s most vulnerable residents have made the biggest gains under Obamacare

Two-thirds of the country’s newly insured adults are minorities.