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A Trump campaign consultant is reportedly making fake websites for Democratic candidates — and it’s working

A consultant for Trump's re-election campaign has been making dupes of Democratic candidates' websites, and some of them have tricked search engines.
Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, Instagram's parent company.

Instagram is recommending that new users in the US follow a ‘healer’ that peddles dangerous medical misinformation

Instagram's algorithm is giving a massive boost to a controversial "healer" once beloved by Michael Jackson.

The way a hyper-local news article went viral on Facebook shows that even legitimate news has the potential to mislead readers on social media

A journalist who spotted the article's rise said the incident is part of a broader disinformation landscape on Facebook.
Doctor giving a vaccine to a patient

The anti-vaxx movement is fueling the measles epidemic by deliberately targeting communities most affected by the disease

Hundreds of people, mostly ultra-Othodox Jews, gathered at a rally in New York last week to listen as speakers ticked off false claims about vaccines.
"Archbishop" Jim Humble showed YouTube users how to mix a bleach solution that he calls Miracle Mineral Solution.

A self-styled archbishop’s conspiracy theory claiming that drinking bleach is a cure for autism was seen by millions on YouTube, and blamed for ...

YouTube has played host to hundreds of videos where devotees of 'Miracle Mineral Solution' — actually a type of bleach — claim it has healing powers.
Measles vaccine is seen at Venice Family Clinic in Los Angeles

Anti-vaxx memes are thriving on Instagram

While Facebook introduced a policy aimed at combatting vaccine misinformation on its platforms, anti-vax memes continue to thrive on Instagram.
YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki

YouTube reportedly ignored employee warnings of ‘bad virality’ in exchange for massive growth

According to a Bloomberg report, YouTube executives ignored employee warnings and shelved product changes that could have curbed the spread of toxic videos on its site.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook takes down 2,632 pages, groups, and accounts in its seemingly endless war on misinformation

Facebook identified three distinct operations originating in Russia, Iran, and Kosovo and Macedonia.
YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki.

YouTube has started showing fact-check cards debunking conspiracy theories and hoaxes

The feature is only available to a select number of Indian users at the moment, but YouTube says it will eventually be rolled out globally.

Facebook is thinking about removing anti-vaccination content as backlash intensifies over the spread of misinformation on the social network

Facebook said, in reaction to backlash over the spread of disinformation, that it may begin to remove or reduce posts containing anti-vaccine rhetoric.