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A stylist wears gloves while giving a haircut during the coronavirus pandemic.

Two hairstylists in Missouri may have exposed more than 140 clients to the coronavirus, health officials say

The stylists worked at a Great Clips hair salon in Springfield, Missouri, between May 12 and May 20 while symptomatic.
People wait for their haircuts outside of a Great Clips location in Round Rock, Texas on May 8, 2020. The reported symptomatic stylist worked at a Great Clips salon in Missouri.

A hairstylist served 84 clients while symptomatic with COVID-19, Missouri health officials say

Local health officials said they identified an eight-day period in which the hairstylist worked with a mask on and visited several local stores.
St. Louis County has sued a local gym that reopened despite the state's stay-at-home order.

Missouri county officials want a gym owner to pay for visitors’ coronavirus tests after he reopened it during lockdown

St. Louis County has sued a local gym that reopened despite a stay-at-home order. The gym has argued that the county's order was "unconstitutional."
Missouri Gov. Mike Parson is pictured without a face mask at a thrift store in Joplin, Missouri on May 2, 2020.

Missouri governor defends decision to go mask-free in public, says it’s ‘personal’ and not ‘government’s place to regula...

Parson was one of just a few people photographed without a face mask during his visit to a thrift store on Monday.
Not the meat processing plant in question.

Nearly 400 employees at a Missouri pork plant tested positive for COVID-19. None of them had symptoms.

About 17% of Triumph Foods employees who were screened have tested positive for the coronavirus. The company's CEO said they'd be paid on leave.
Elon Musk accidentally broke the "bulletproof" glass in the Cybertruck at the vehicle's unveiling.

A small Missouri city wants Tesla to build its Cybertruck factory there — and is offering $1 billion in incentives to make it happen

The Missouri city of Joplin pays cheaper wages than other cities, is close to rail links, and has a talented workforce, it said in a bid to Elon Musk.
A still from a video showing a man licking store products during the coronavirus outbreak.

A man accused of licking deodorants in a Missouri Walmart after asking ‘Who’s afraid of the coronavirus?’ was charged with making a ...

The CDC says people can get COVID-19 by touching an object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth.

4 US states are lagging on taking strong action on the coronavirus — including Texas, the second-largest state in the country

States around the country have acted to enforce CDC social distancing guidelines. Four states, including the second-largest, have had tepid responses.

The family accused of violating quarantine while their daughter was tested for coronavirus says they were never told to isolate themselves

Missouri officials said they told a family to self-quarantine while their daughter was tested for coronavirus, but that the family went out in public.

The father and sister of a Missouri woman suspected of having coronavirus broke quarantine to attend a school dance. Then she tested positive.

A woman returned from studying abroad in Italy feeling sick. She self-quarantined, but her father and sister didn't.