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Sweetgreen no longer forces customers to mix in the dressing themselves.

Sweetgreen is finally fixing the biggest problem with its mobile-ordering system, and people are rejoicing

Sweetgreen is finally letting customers get dressing mixed into their salads when ordering via the chain's mobile app.

Chipotle is giving away free guacamole again after its website and app crashed on National Avocado Day

Chipotle is giving away free guacamole on Wednesday, an extension of its National Avocado Day deal. On Tuesday, Chipotle's app and website were experiencing significant glitches, making it difficult or impossible for customers to get their free guac or order at all.

We went to Starbucks every day for a week to see if the coffee giant has fixed an annoying problem

I visited a busy Starbucks for a week to see if the chain's attempts to fix its mobile ordering process actually worked.

Starbucks still hasn’t fixed its biggest problem in a time of ‘disruption’

Starbucks is still struggling to bring more customers into US stores, as the coffee giant battles mobile ordering issues.

Starbucks’ new CEO tells us he’ll never be Howard Schultz — and that’s great news for the brand

With Howard Schultz stepping down, Kevin Johnson is taking on the job of a man whose name has become synonymous with Starbucks over the last 30 years.

Starbucks’ lines are becoming a total illusion — and it’s a huge problem for customers

Starbucks' mobile ordering is wreaking havoc on the chain's lines.

We went to Starbucks every day for a week to see how the coffee giant is dealing with its biggest problem

We became Starbucks mobile-ordering regulars to see how the chain is trying to fix one of its biggest problems.

Starbucks’ biggest problem is only getting worse

Starbucks is having a rough start to 2017.

One of Starbucks’ biggest strengths is becoming a huge problem for the chain

Starbucks' mobile order and pay has become a huge problem for the coffee giant.

McDonald’s is finally catching up to other fast food chains in one big way

Mobile ordering has been a boon for the fast-food industry, but McDonald's has yet to adopt it.