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ChargeItSpot is coming to stores like Target, Gap, and Under Armour.

Companies like Target and Gap are fixing one of iPhone-obsessed customers’ most annoying thing about shopping in stores

Retailers like Target, Gap, and Under Armour are adding free phone-charging stations to stores.

Singaporeans are moving from desktop to mobile shopping faster than the global average: Study

Meanwhile, desktop sales will stagnate in the next four years, predicted the report.

We compared the 11.11 promotions of major sites in Singapore – here’s who has the most types of deals

According to Iprice, more sites were offering in-app games this year compared to last year.
Macy's has a popular shopping app.

Shoppers have a new attitude toward apps, and retailers are taking advantage

More customers are downloading and using retailers' mobile apps than ever before. Retail apps allow for easy checkout with secure mobile pay options like Apple Pay, and they help the retailer develop a more intimate connection with the customer.

This year’s Cyber Monday was a huge reckoning for retailers

Retailers that are ignoring the mobile experience are about to be left behind, if Cyber Monday's record-setting sales are anything to go by.