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Elon Musk says hit video game ‘Cuphead’ will be playable on Tesla Model 3, Model S, and Model X cars

The Tesla CEO said the shooter-style game will be available this summer as a section of the game due to the car's limited available memory.
A Tesla logo is seen at a groundbreaking ceremony of Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory in Shanghai, China.

Tesla says the Model 3 will cost about $47,500 in China — 13% cheaper than before

The new pricing is about 13% less than the cost of vehicles shipped to China from the US, and is key to continued growth at the company, analysts say.
Elon Musk.

Elon Musk tells Tesla employees in leaked email that customer demand is still high, despite the stock crashing in recent weeks

Business Insider received a copy of the email, sent to all Tesla employees late Wednesday. Read it here.

Nothing Elon Musk has done has stopped the bleeding at Tesla — and things look like they’re going to get worse

Tesla is doing everything it can to stop bleeding, but right now Wall Street couldn't care less.

Tesla cut the price of the Model 3 in Canada so buyers can get a government tax credit

Earlier this month, none of Tesla's cars were eligible for the Canadian tax credit because they were too expensive.
Only the $35,000 version of the Model 3 will stay the same price. Premium versions, as well as the Model S and X, will go up.

Tesla’s cheapest car just became a lot more difficult to buy

The standard range version of the Model 3, the cheapest car Tesla sells, will only be available to purchase in-person at retail stores or by phone.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk has slept in multiple locations at the company's vehicle assembly plant this year.

Tesla is plunging after first-quarter deliveries came up short

Tesla on Wednesday evening announced first-quarter deliveries that fell short of expectations, sending shares down almost 9%.
SpaceX founder Elon Musk gestures during a press briefing on March 2, 2019.

Tesla’s biggest supporters on Wall Street are nervous about the company’s first quarter results

Even the staunchest of bulls are worried about Tesla's results this quarter.
A Tesla Model 3

Goldman Sachs says Tesla’s new Model Y SUV could make its Model 3 demand problems even worse

Goldman Sachs sees weak demand and margins for Tesla in the first quarter of 2019, reiterating its "Sell" rating.