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The artist Keisuke Aiso created the sculpture "Mother Bird," which was repurposed as the viral character Momo.

The sculpture that inspired the Momo meme has ‘rotted away’ and been destroyed

"Mother Bird," the Japanese sculpture that inspired the creation of Momo, has been destroyed, according to its creator.
There's no evidence the Momo Challenge is a real problem.

YouTube is removing ads from videos about the so-called ‘Momo Challenge’ in an attempt to kill the viral hoax

YouTube doesn't allow videos promoting the so-called Momo Challenge on its site, and news videos about it can't get advertising.

Momo is actually just a creepy sculpture made by a Japanese special effects company

The sculpture "Mother Bird" was made by artist Keisuke Aisawa for the Japanese special-effects company Link Factory.

The Momo Challenge is supposedly instructing children to kill themselves, but there are no confirmed cases of it actually happening

The Momo Challenge first hit headlines in mid-2018, when a 12-year-old Argentinian girl's suicide was linked to the internet meme.