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Former Fox News host who backed out of a Trump administration role amid plagiarism claims is reportedly getting a job at the Treasury Department

The high-profile hire comes at the same time the Treasury is pushing back on requests from Democrats for President Trump's tax returns.

Former White House national security pick Monica Crowley is now reportedly working for a pro-Russian oligarch

Monica Crowley, who lost a position on the National Security Council amid plagiarism allegations, has now reportedly landed a job with a Ukrainian oligarch.

Monica Crowley claimed reports of her plagiarism were ‘debunked’ — but they weren’t

Crowley said the reports that led to her walking away amounted to a "political hit job" and were "debunked."

Monica Crowley bows out amid plagiarism accusations, says she will not join Trump administration

Trump's pick for director of communications at the National Security Council "will not be taking a position in the incoming administration," she said Monday.

Reports: Trump national security pick Monica Crowley plagiarized huge sections of her Ph.D. thesis

Another plagiarism allegation has been leveled against Crowley for her 2012 book.

Trump’s national security pick had her book pulled by publisher over plagiarism allegations

A number of passages from Crowley's book seem to have been lifted from news articles, columns, think tanks, and Wikipedia.

Trump National Security Council pick Monica Crowley faces new plagiarism allegations

A new report found she may have plagiarized numerous passages in her Ph.D. dissertation.

Fox News’ Kimberly Guilfoyle continues hosting show as she reportedly makes push for Trump press secretary

Fox News has allowed Kimberly Guilfoyle to host "The Five" despite reports indicating she's under consideration for a role in the Trump administration.

One of Trump’s newest appointees once suggested Russia should release more Clinton emails

Monica Crowley, who was selected by President-elect Donald Trump to be National Security Council communications director.