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Say hello to the cast of "The Eternals," so far.

Marvel just announced its next big superhero group the Eternals. Here’s the cast and who they’re playing.

Marvel announced "The Eternals" for next year. Here's what you need to know about the superhero group and who will be playing them.
The cast of the upcoming "Cats" movie includes Idris Elba, Taylor Swift, Rebel Wilson, Jennifer Hudson, and Jason Derulo.

People can’t figure out if the ‘Cats’ movie is live-action or CGI — here’s what’s actually going on

Filmmakers have said that the upcoming adaptation will use 'digital fur technology' to help transform human actors into their feline characters.
Tessa Thompson portrays Valkyrie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel confirms that Valkyrie is the first LGBTQ superhero in its movies, and many fans aren’t thrilled

Tessa Thompson, Kevin Feige, and the cast of "Thor: Love and Thunder" appeared at San Diego Comic-Con and spoke about what to expect in the new MCU film.
Earth's mightiest heroes are now the ones to beat at the box office.

‘Avatar’ director James Cameron just handed the box-office crown to ‘Avengers’ in an amazing tradition of congratulatory notes...

The director has sent a second note of congrats to Marvel after "Endgame" surpassed the worldwide box office of his movie.
America's dad, Tom Hanks, is playing Mr. Rogers.

Tom Hanks is playing Mr. Rogers in a new movie — here’s the first trailer

Sony Pictures is set to release the biopic with the actor as the star of the children's show on Friday, November 22.
Here's everything — movies and shows — that will be a part of Marvel's Phase 4.

Marvel just announced all of its movies for the next 2 years — here they all are

Marvel took the stage late Saturday afternoon to announce its next phase in the Marvel Cinematic Universe from "The Eternals" to "Shang-Chi."
Francesca Hayward was a principal dancer at London's Royal Ballet before she joined the cast of "Cats."

People are accusing the ‘Cats’ filmmakers of whitewashing Kenyan-born actress Francesca Hayward in the upcoming film adaptation

The actress was born in Kenya to Kenyan and English parents, and is set to play Victoria, a kitten with white fur, in the upcoming film.
Val Kilmer and Tom Cruise in "Top Gun."

THEN AND NOW: The stars of ‘Top Gun’ 33 years later

Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, and Kelly McGillis starred in the classic aviation movie that was released in May 1986.
Can you feel the love in the recreation of some of these "Lion King" scenes?

How 18 key moments in the ‘Lion King’ remake compare to the original movie

Jon Favreau's version sometimes looks like a shot-for-shot remake of the original 1994 movie and these images prove it.
Donald Glover and Beyoncé are a few of the many stars who voiced characters in "The Lion King" remake.

Moviegoers are giving ‘The Lion King’ incredible reviews, even though it was mostly panned by critics

Fans called the remake 'dazzling' and 'visually stunning' on Rotten Tomatoes, where the film currently holds an 89% audience rating.