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Thousands of investors got creamed trying to snatch cheap shares of MoviePass’ parent company during its epic meltdown

73,000 investors held shares of Helios & Matheson in Robinhood when the app barred new purchases earlier this week. The stock is quickly approaching zero.

MoviePass’ owner surges after announcing plan to raise prices — but it’s fallen back below $1

Shares of the embattled company briefly doubled to $2 before sinking back below the $1 minimum it has struggled with for months.

The owner of MoviePass is crashing after it briefly ran out of money

The company said in May that it had enough cash to last over a year — but it it admitted Friday morning it had procured a $5 million loan after a service interruption.

MoviePass’ parent company threw a Hail Mary to raise its stock price — but it already seems to be backfiring

HMNY gave investors 1 share for every 250 they previously owned, but the stock crashed as soon as it began trading Wednesday.

The owner of MoviePass hits another new low

MoviePass owner Helios and Matheson has been routinely hitting lows. It touched a record low of $0.335 a share on Wednesday.