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Every item in the "Mulan" x Colourpop collection costs less than $25.

Colourpop is releasing a ‘Mulan’-inspired makeup line, and everything costs less than $25

The "Mulan"-inspired makeup collection includes everything from lipstick to skin care. It launches on Thursday at 1 p.m. on Colourpop's website.
Daniel Craig as James Bond in "No Time to Die"

31 movies drastically impacted by the coronavirus, including ‘Black Widow’ and ‘Fast and Furious 9’

The release dates for "Fast and Furious 9" and "Black Widow" have been delayed, and productions for "The Batman" and "Jurassic World 3" have halted.
"Mulan's" global box office faces an unprecedented situation because of the coronavirus.

The US box office is starting to drop, as movie theaters take major steps to help slow the coronavirus spread

AMC Theatres and Regal announced on Friday that all of their US locations would be operating at 50% capacity in an effort to combat the coronavirus.
"Mulan" will no longer be released on March 27.

Disney is postponing ‘Mulan’ and 2 other movies because of the coronavirus

In a statement provided to Insider, Disney said it's looking at "new potential 2020 release dates" for "Mulan," "New Mutants," and "Antlers."
Christina Aguilera released "Loyal Brave True," a new song for Disney's live-action "Mulan" movie.

Christina Aguilera released a new song for the live-action ‘Mulan’ over 20 years after the iconic ‘Reflection’

The singer's new track "Loyal Brave True" will be featured in Disney's upcoming remake of their 1998 movie of the same name.
Kash Doll shared a racist meme playing on Disney princesses and, particularly, Mulan.

Rapper Kash Doll is under fire after sharing a racist coronavirus meme that plays on Disney princesses

The text in the meme read: "Sorry 'MULAN' but you never know," while Kash Doll captioned the post: "In the airport like."
Daniel Craig as James Bond in "No Time to Die"

How the coronavirus has impacted Hollywood movies like the next James Bond and ‘Mission: Impossible,’ and what could happen next

From "Mulan" to "No Time to Die," Hollywood movies are already feeling the effects of the Wuhan coronavirus.
A new limited-edition Mulan doll from Disney shows off a beautiful phoenix that will appear in the film.

Disney announced a $130 limited-edition ‘Mulan’ doll that shows off the new phoenix character from the live-action movie

The phoenix will reportedly replace Mulan's protector Mushu. The doll will be available on March 28, 2020.

Disney’s ‘Mulan’ remake faces an ‘unprecedented’ situation at the box office because of the Wuhan coronavirus

China's 70,000 theaters are closed in response to the Wuhan coronavirus, which could have negative implications for "Mulan."
"Mulan" comes out on March 27 in the US.

‘Mulan’ star Liu Yifei did 90% of her own stunts in the Disney movie, according to the cinematographer

Cinematographer Mandy Walker said "Mulan" star Liu Yifei was incredible to work with and nailed the movie's battle and action scenes.