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10,000 Australians held a vigil for a young woman killed while walking home, and it’s bringing attention to a much bigger issue

Over 10,000 people attended a vigil in Melbourne, Australia, to honor murdered comedian Eurydice Dixon. Less than a week ago Dixon was sexually assaulted and murdered with police's subsequent comments seen to be victim-blaming.

A court has heard how a couple who murdered a young woman and burned her body were afflicted by ‘folie à deux’ — here’s w...

Sabrina Kouider and Ouissem Medouni were found guilty of killing French nanny Sophie Lionnet and burning her body in their garden. The court heard they were afflicted with a psychosis known as 'folie a deux,' or 'madness of two.'
Simpson in 2006

Fox uncovered a hypothetical murder confession OJ Simpson gave years ago

The confession came around the time the book "If I Did It" was written about Simpson's infamous murder trial.

New documents provide a glimpse into Florida shooting suspect’s odd behavior in jail

Nikolas Cruz spends most of his time in silence, cooperating with jail officials and his lawyers but speaking only when spoken to, according to jail records.
One of two bodies is removed from the home of billionaire founder of Canadian pharmaceutical firm Apotex Inc., Barry Sherman and his wife Honey, who were found dead under circumstances that police described as "suspicious" in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, December 15, 2017. REUTERS/Chris Helgren

More clues about the mysterious deaths of a Toronto billionaire couple have emerged

Billionaire Barry Sherman and his wife were found hanged by their indoor pool in December with no evidence of forced entry.

Tattoos lead Thai police to Japanese gang murder suspect

A 74-year-old Japanes...