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Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman met Jamal Khashoggi's son in Riyadh.

Jamal Khashoggi’s kids have reportedly received money and multimillion-dollar houses from the Saudis as compensation for their father’s mu...

Officials told The Washington Post that the money was part of a Saudi government effort to reach a long-term agreement with the Khashoggi family.
Ramis Jonuzi, 36, was murdered on Wednesday by the three men who lived in the Airbnb home he was renting.

Airbnb host in Australia sentenced to 11 years in prison for killing a guest over an $149 unpaid bill

An Australian man was sentenced to 11 years in prison for killing a guest who was staying at his Airbnb listed-home. 36-year-old Ramis Jonuzi was held down and strangled for failing to pay a $AU210 ($149) bill for his stay.

A wealthy college student previously accused of involvement with a Los Angeles street gang has been arrested on suspicion of carjacking

A 19-year-old Southern California man, Cameron Terrell, who was acquitted of murder last year, was rearrested by the Los Angeles Police Department.
Chris Watts, left, is currently serving a life sentence for the murders of his wife Shanann and daughters Bella and Celeste, right.

Chris Watts says he has pictures of his murdered wife and 2 daughters in his prison cell and talks to them every day

The 33-year-old Colorado man is currently serving three consecutive life in prison sentences for murdering his wife and kids in August.
Chris Watts, left, has read the Bible cover to cover since entering prison, he told investigators in an interview last month.

Chris Watts talked to investigators about his newfound relationship with God after killing his family, saying he’s read the Bible cover to cover...

The 33-year-old Colorado man is serving three consecutive life sentences for the murders of his pregnant wife and two young daughters.
Chris Watts is pictured above during his interview with investigators on February 18.

Chris Watts gives gruesome details about how he murdered his wife and 2 daughters in a newly released interview with investigators

Chris Watts told investigators that his 4-year-old daughter Bella walked in after he murdered his wife and asked, "What's wrong with Mommy?"
Pokémon Go.

A security guard who fatally shot a grandfather playing Pokémon Go could face 30 years in prison

Johnathan Cromwell, 23, was convicted of second-degree murder last week. A jury recommended that he serve 30 years in prison for killing Jiansheng Chen.

An Uber driver was stabbed to death in New York City, and it shows a big safety problem the company needs to solve

Several rewards have been offered for witnesses who can provide information leading to an arrest.

A California man who was imprisoned 39 years for a murder he didn’t commit just got a $21 million settlement

Coley, 71, was first released and pardoned in 2017 when DNA evidence was found to exonerate him of killing a mother and son.