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Many musicians have spoken up about not wanting their music played at President Trump's rallies or events.

18 artists who have spoken out against President Trump playing their music at his events

From Neil Young to Rihanna, here are all the musicians who have spoken out against President Trump using their music at his events and rallies.
The Beatles.

The Beatles just released the coolest, weirdest piece of music I’ve heard all year

A 50th-anniversary re-release of "The White Album" contains a trance-like, 13-minute version of the Beatles' "Helter Skelter." Even longtime fans of the band, which broke up in 1970, will have their expectations reset by the band at its most avant-garde. It's one of the most interesting pieces of music I've heard all year.
Carrie Underwood attends the 2018 CMT Artists of The Year.

Carrie Underwood says the stitches from her accident made it ‘physically impossible’ to sing

Carrie Underwood opened up about going into the studio to record her newest album, "Cry Pretty," after her fall.
These country music stars are iconic.

15 of the most successful country stars of all time

Many country stars have had successful careers, but we rounded up some of the musicians with the highest net worths.
A still from Ariana Grande's music video for "Breathin."

Ariana Grande’s stunning new music video illustrates her battle with anxiety

Ariana Grande's popular song "Breathin" — which comes from her recent album "Sweetener" — is about the singer overcoming her struggles with anxiety.
Ariana Grande and Mac Miller met in 2012.

Ariana Grande remembers Mac Miller: ‘He is supposed to be here’

In a video shared on Twitter, the late rapper (who died of an accidental overdose in September) was seen listening to ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande's song "R.E.M."
Some popular first dance songs aren't as romantic as they seem.

16 popular first dance songs for weddings that aren’t as romantic as you think

Here are some of the worst popular first dance songs for weddings that aren't nearly as romantic as they seem.
Ally goes through a huge transition in the movie from alternative musician to pop star.

10 actors who learned to play instruments for a movie role

From Ryan Gosling to Anderson Cooper, here are 10 actors who learned how to play musical instruments for their role in a movie.
Mariah Carey has one of the biggest holiday songs.

The 14 most popular songs that’ll get you in the holiday spirit

Timeless classics from Mariah Carey, Michael Bublé, and Elvis Presley top the list of most-streamed holiday music, according to Spotify.

10 of country music’s most iconic couples

Perhaps it's the romantic nature of country music, but the genre seems to create many iconic couples. Here are some iconic country music duos.