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A Myanmar security personnel keeps watch along the Myanmar-Bangladesh border as Rohingya refugee sit outside their shelters.

What life is like on the border of Myanmar and Bangladesh, where a UN-labeled ‘genocide’ has left 1 million refugees living in limbo

Here are photos showing the Rohingya refugee crisis, caused by Myanmar's military, and putting pressure on Bangladesh.
President Donald Trump hosts survivors of religious persecution from 17 countries around the world in the Oval Office at the White House July 17, 2019

Trump asked ‘where is that?’ when a Rohingya refugee asked him if he was doing anything to stop the genocide in Myanmar

On Wednesday, Trump met with victims of religious persecution from China, Turkey, North Korea, Iran, and Myanmar.

Several Myanmar nationals face ‘security action’ in Singapore for rendering support to Rakhine insurgent group

The suspects investigated provided financial support to the Arakan Army, one of whom gave monthly contributions.
A Myanmar National Airlines passenger plane after an emergency landing at Mandalay international airport on May 12, 2019.

Video shows dramatic moment a Myanmar passenger plane made an emergency landing without its front landing gear

A passenger plane operated by Myanmar's flagship airline made a dramatic landing on Sunday after its front landing gear malfunctioned.

I don’t trust Facebook, but I can’t quit it either

For better or worse, Facebook is the only social network that has all of my friends and family in one place.

6 Myanmar nationals found in a Singapore cemetery say they were gravediggers – this is what their graveyard ‘home’ looks like

The men claimed that they were working as grave diggers in the cemetery.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

‘They threw us under the bus at every opportunity’: Facebook fact-checkers say its mission to weed out fake news was a PR stunt

Some fact-checkers expressed dismay at the news that Facebook hired the Republican-linked PR firm Definers to smear prominent critic George Soros

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is facing backlash for encouraging people to visit Myanmar, where social media may have helped fuel a mass genocide

The Twitter CEO sparked outrage with his positive Tweets about his recent trip to Myanmar, where social media may have worsened a humanitarian crisis.
A cloud of fire falls from the balloon.

A Myanmar Buddhist festival’s firework-laden hot air balloon erupted on the crowd, injuring 9

It was carrying 40 pounds of fireworks when it exploded on Wednesday night, and the explosion left nine people injured according to local media.
US Vice President Mike Pence condemned Myanmar's persecution of the Rohingya ethnic group in front of the country's leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, in Singapore on November 14.

Mike Pence grilled Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi directly to her face over the Rohingya crisis

Pence on Wednesday condemned the Myanmar military's violence against the Rohingya, while Suu Kyi said 'we understand our country better.'