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Josh Jacobs bulldozed opponents while playing for Alabama, but the creators of "Madden" need to rate how his skills translate to the NFL.

The creators of ‘Madden’ revealed their process for rating nearly 3,000 players every year, and it’s a fascinating look inside one o...

"Madden" rates nearly 3,000 NFL players each year based on more than 50 attributes. Here's a look at how they decide on the rankings.
Arizona's Kyler Murray was this years top draft pick.

Here’s how ‘Madden 20’ rates this year’s top rookie quarterbacks

"Madden 20" revealed its ratings for this year's rookie quarterback class ahead of the game's August 1st release.

Lowe’s scores massive NFL deal and takes direct aim at Home Depot’s core customers

Lowe's scored an exclusive partnership with the NFL that comes with branding rights at key events like the Super Bowl and the NFL draft.

NFL quarterbacks and tech stocks dominate their respective worlds — here are 7 perfect matchups

A comparison of NFL quarterbacks and tech companies, to help both football and market enthusiasts get ready for the coming football season.