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Trump claimed he called off a military strike against Iran 10 minutes in advance. It reportedly happened hours ahead.

While Trump claimed he called off a military strike against Iran minutes before it was supposed to occur, he actually made the order hours in advance.
U.S. President Donald Trump speaks about healthcare coverage options for small businesses and workers during an event in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, U.S., June 14, 2019.

Trump accuses The New York Times of ‘a virtual act of Treason’ for publishing a story saying the US is ramping up cyberattacks on Russia

The Times reported that some officials were reluctant to share certain details of the cyberattacks with Trump, out of concern about his reaction.

The White House reportedly blocked climate testimony warning of a ‘possibly catastrophic’ future because it didn’t ‘jibe’...

The Bureau of Intelligence and Research's testimony predicted that greenhouse gas emissions would contribute "significant" harm to the planet.

2nd-highest ranking US military officer reportedly slammed his hands on table after growing tired of John Bolton’s aides at fiery meeting

The meeting between John Bolton's aides and Air Force Gen. Paul Selva was said to be contentious and ended earlier than expected.

Former Fox News host who backed out of a Trump administration role amid plagiarism claims is reportedly getting a job at the Treasury Department

The high-profile hire comes at the same time the Treasury is pushing back on requests from Democrats for President Trump's tax returns.
The Trump administration wants a task-force to give a closer look to government climate findings.

The White House is reportedly assembling a task-force of scientists to reevaluate the government’s climate assessments

The White House is reportedly creating a task-force of scientists to reevaluate and scrutinize government climate findings.

Trump leaves ‘military option’ on the table for Venezuela, which he calls as threatening as North Korea

Iran and North Korea have aggressive militaries and nuclear ambitions. But authoritarian Venezuela could cause problems in the US's neighborhood.
President Donald Trump and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.

Mattis has become a ‘secret “peacenik”‘ in the Trump White House — and he’s growing more isolated

Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis wields considerable influence in the Trump administration, but the balance of power may be shifting around him.
President Donald Trump at the 12th East Asia Summit in Manila, Philippines, alongside then-national-security adviser H.R. McMaster and then-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, November 14, 2017.

Trump’s national security team once joked that his tweets could’ve ‘overturned’ their work

President Donald Trump has often undercut his national security team, and on at least one occasion, they joked about it.
National security adviser John Bolton and President Donald Trump

John Bolton is cleaning house at the National Security Council

Top national security officials are being pushed out of the administration following John Bolton's appointment as national security adviser.