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Tim Anselimo was at one of the several people shot at a Madden 19 tournament in Jacksonville, Florida last year. The bullet struck him in the right hand and Anselimo has spent months rehabbing and learning a new way to hold the controller. The injury has left him with no feeling in his thumb. (Dustin Franz/for The Washington Post via Getty Images)

This pro gamer returned to competition 8 months after getting injured in a mass shooting and having his thumb surgically reattached

Tim "oLarry" Anselimo was shot 4 times during a mass shooting at a Jacksonville Madden tournament last year. After months of recovery, he's back in the NBA 2K League.

One crucial detail was missing from Google’s huge gaming announcement: games

Google's making an ambitious push into the video game market with Stadia, and it sounds good on paper. But one huge component is missing: The games.

‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ beat out ‘Call of Duty’ to become 2018’s best-seller — these were the 20 best-selling game...

For the first time since 2013, "Call of Duty" isn't the best-selling video game of the year.

LeBron James is on the cover of NBA 2K19, but there’s an important omission

Perhaps the creators of NBA 2K learned an important lesson last year after Kyrie Irving was traded to the Boston Celtics shortly before gracing the video game's cover. This year, LeBron James is on the cover, but his uniform isn't shown.

2 historically loved video games could deliver a one-two punch to the gut of Take-Two Interactive’s bottom line

NBA 2K and Grand Theft Auto sales don' look promising, prompting BMO analyst Gerrick Johnson to lower his price target on Take-Two Interactive.

LeBron James plays a popular video game to help prepare for the addition of Isaiah Thomas

LeBron James has been using the popular video game to begin strategizing how he and Isaiah Thomas will play together once Thomas returns from injury.

The NBA is launching its own eSports league

The National Basketball Association is partnering with video game company 2K Interactive to launch its own eSports league.

New features shine in ‘NBA 2K17,’ but not without some issues

New additions to MyCareer mode make it feel much more fresh than last year, but "NBA 2K17" doesn't always reach its potential.