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The UK’s once star fund manager Neil Woodford was dealt another blow as his equity fund gets shut down

Woodford's fund once managed £10 billion ($12.66 billion), before slamming the fund shut in June, after losing billions.
Carson Block of Muddy Waters.

Short-seller Carson Block just called this Woodford-backed firm ‘Enron-esque’ — and the stock plunged 51%

Muddy Waters accused Burford Capital of "egregiously misrepresenting" performance metrics, calling it a "perfect storm for an accounting fiasco."
Neil Woodford

Neil Woodford’s $4.7 billion investment fund collapsed, but not all of its holdings were duds. Here are 4 stocks he owned that could spike 150%....

"The risk reward seem to be very positive," on some of the stocks, Louis Capital Markets analysts wrote in a note to clients.

Brad Pitt, Steve Jobs’ widow, and Britain’s fallen star investor reportedly backed a startup betting on ‘cold fusion’ — ...

The son of Industrial Heat's founder was the head of Pitt's charity, while Laurene Powell Jobs' brother is a company director.

The UK’s best-known fund manager is blocking investors from withdrawing their money after catastrophic losses

Neil Woodford's flagship fund has shrunk by about 45% in the past year after 23 consecutive months of net withdrawals.

‘There are so many lights flashing red’: Fund manager Neil Woodford warns of a stock market bubble

He said current equity valuations represent a bubble the likes of which he had 'only witnessed two or three times in my career as an investor.'
Andy Murray backs Seedrs.

Losses at Andy Murray-backed crowdfunding platform Seedrs rise as startup invests for growth

CEO Jeff Kelisky said the performance was down to investment for growth and said 2016 "actually exceeded our expectations."