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Elon Musk is funding the Global Learning XPRIZE.

These are 9 strict workplace rules Elon Musk makes his Tesla employees follow

Elon Musk is not a fan of meetings, bureaucracy, hierarchy, or any system that impedes immediate communication.
A not-to-scale diagram of the "sewing machine."

A team of scientists linked to Elon Musk appear to be making progress putting chips into brains

A group of researchers published a paper about a new technique for inserting probes into brains, which they described as a 'sewing machine.'
Elon Musk.

Elon Musk says people need to work around 80 hours per week to change the world

Elon Musk said on Monday via Twitter that people need to work from around 80 to over 100 hours per week to "change the world."
Elon Musk talked to Axios about the future of AI.

Elon Musk believes AI could turn humans into an endangered species like the mountain gorilla

Elon Musk has made similarly alarming claims about AI in the past, but not all tech leaders share his fears.

Facebook’s secretive hardware group made an armband that lets you ‘hear’ through your skin. It’s a key part of the companyR...

Researchers from Facebook's clandestine Building 8 — which aims to create the world's first brain-machine interfaces — created an armband that transforms words into understandable vibrations.

You can control this new software with your brain, and it should make Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg nervous

Nuro uses a non-invasive approach that doesn't involve brain surgery — and it could be a game-changer for patients with no other means of communicating. The company also has big plans to expand.

Elon Musk has raised $27 million to link human brains with computers

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has raised $27 million for Neuralink, another company he created last year to link human brains with computers.

Elon Musk’s new company wants to link human brains with computers in 4 years

Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk has confirmed that his latest company is Neuralink, which is working to link the human brain with computers.