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Side-by-side screenshots of the viral video of a man getting arrested by the NYPD for fare evasion.

Video shows over 10 NYPD officers tackle and arrest man on a subway for fare evasion after unfounded gun scare

The video filmed by a fellow passenger shows a horrified crowd and the man with his hands up, waiting for officers to board the subway car.
New York City Transportation Union Trash Train competition.

New York City’s subway union is offering $500 to whoever can take the most repulsive subway photo, and the submissions are impressively gross

The competition is designed to raise awareness about cleaning-staff shortages that have led to trash, blood, and feces littering subway floors.
The L train shutdown has been canceled.

New Yorkers are freaking out that a plan to shut down an entire subway line has been canceled. Here’s why it was a disaster from the start.

Cuomo's decision to axe the L train shutdown represents a disastrous conclusion to an already-disastrous transportation plan.
The New York subway cars are cleaned by hand, overnight.

New York City subway cars are cleaned by hand — and it takes one person 3 and a half hours to do it

New York subway cars host over 5 million people on a typical weekday, and it shows. But MTA workers fight the grime by hand.