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Sara Mauskopf and her three children.

Without access to support, supplies, or even pediatricians, new moms are struggling under the pandemic’s ‘big black fog’

The postpartum period can be lonely under the best of times. It's even worse during a pandemic when visitors literally cannot come over.
Two newborn babies in Thailand were given face shields to wear home.

Nurses in Thailand handcrafted tiny face masks for newborns so they could get home safely from the hospital

Typically, only kids who are 2 or older wear face masks. Since the babies were using public transportation to go home, the staff made an exception.
"In lieu of the situation the world is in, I wanted to share some light and laughs for my fellow 'Friends' addicts and fans out there," Mandy Penn wrote in a blog post.

A photographer staged a “Friends”-inspired photo shoot with newborn babies, and the details are perfect

Photographer Mandy Penn titled the photo shoot, "The one where you forget about the coronavirus for just a minute."
The Halo SleepSack is available in three different sizes and a lot of fun prints and patterns.

The Halo SleepSack makes swaddling my baby so much easier than with a traditional swaddle blanket

I used the Halo SleepSack swaddle instead of a traditional swaddling blanket with my newborn, and I found it so much easier to use. Here's how it works.
A newborn baby has tested positive for coronavirus in London.

A newborn baby in London has become the youngest person in the world to test positive for coronavirus

It's not yet known whether the baby contracted the virus in the womb or during labour, but the mother and newborn are receiving treatment separately.
Most parents recover from postpartum depression within 6 months.

Postpartum depression usually lasts 6 months, but it can be longer

Postpartum depression can affect both parents in the first few months after a baby is born. Here's what you need to know.
Iodine is especially important for the cognitive development of young children.

What does iodine do for the body and why it is crucial for new mothers

Iodine fosters the creation of thyroid hormones, which regulate metabolism. It is particularly important for pregnant women and young children.
Though congenital heart disease is a serious condition, the risk of complications later in life fall on a spectrum.

What is congenital heart disease? The warning signs for your newborn

Congenital heart disease happens when a baby's heart and blood vessels develop abnormally before birth.
Babies at Jackson Health System maternity hospitals in Miami wear Super Bowl-themed onesies.

Newborns at Miami hospitals are being dressed in Super Bowl LIV outfits, including referee onesies and football hats

The Miami Super Bowl Committee, which donated the outfits, pointed out that the babies are "aLIVe just in time for Super Bowl LIV."

The best nursing bras

Finding a comfortable nursing bra can be difficult. Here are our top picks for the best nursing bras so you can feed your baby quickly and easily.