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Trump’s acting immigration chief was part of a group that called immigrants ‘invaders’ and blamed them for diseases and terrorism

Ken Cuccinelli, Trump's acting immigration director, has been calling immigrants foreign invaders since 2007, according to a CNN report.
Migrants are seen outside the U.S. Border Patrol McAllen Station in a makeshift encampment in McAllen, Texas, U.S., May 15, 2019.

Migrant children have been molested in federal care, according to families, and the government could end up paying $200 million for it

Migrant families are suing the government for millions of dollars after their children were allegedly hurt or molested while in federal care.

Black vultures that smell ‘like a thousand rotten corpses’ have brought a Florida neighborhood to its knees

Dozens of black vultures, who are vomiting and defecating everywhere, have forced at least one family to abandon their home in Florida.

These 20 states have the most experienced public school teachers

Research shows experienced teachers can lead to better outcomes for students. INSIDER found the top 20 states with the most experienced teachers.
A wild boar is seen at a residential area.

Growing numbers of wild boars, some of which are radioactive, are menacing major cities across the world

Wild boars are flourishing in cities around the world. Here are 21 photos showing them in all their glory.
Blaming video games for violence isn't new, nor is it supported by research.

Trump says ‘gruesome and grisly video games’ are to blame for mass violence, but the reality is more complicated

While some research links violent video games to aggression, none suggests they cause homicide. Gaming may even improve mental health in some cases.

20 staggering facts about human trafficking in the US

We've compiled a number of staggering facts about what's really going on with human trafficking in the US, also known as modern day slavery.
Almost 1,000 students owe money for their lunches.

Pennsylvania school district threatens to place children in foster care if parents don’t pay off school lunch debt

The Pennsylvania school district says they are owed over $22,000 in student lunch debt, and threatening foster care was a "last resort."
Kids and adults cool off in a fountain on the Rose Kennedy Greenway on the first day of a forecasted summer heatwave in Boston, Massachusetts, July 19, 2019.

The dangerous heat wave sweeping the US isn’t just high temperatures. Heat index is all about how you sweat.

In a heat wave, the danger lies in both temperature and humidity. Here's what heat index is and why it's so important.
American financier Jeffrey Epstein has been friendly with several US Presidents.

Inside the relationship of Trump and convicted sex offender Epstein, from party buddies to ‘not a fan’

Here's an inside look at Trump and sex offender Epstein's friendship, including the parties, the planes, the allegations, and the disintegration.