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Justin Maiman.

Yale’s most popular class on happiness is free right now — I took it, and here are the 6 tricks that have already made me happier

Yale's most popular class is available for free to everyone online amid the coronavirus pandemic, so non-students can participate as well.
Elisabeth Moss in "The Invisible Man"

15 movies you’ll be able to watch at home much earlier than expected as theaters shut down

Movies recently in theaters like "Bloodshot" and "The Invisible Man" are coming to digital early as theaters close due to the coronavirus.

Apple’s iPhone 12 is expected to bring major changes like a new design, 5G, and 3D cameras — here’s everything we know about it so f...

Apple's iPhone 12 is expected to come in four versions when it's presumably released next September. Here's what we know.
Emily Osment and Miley Cyrus on "Hannah Montana."

THEN AND NOW: The stars of ‘Hannah Montana’

Miley Cyrus played a teenager named Miley Stewart, who lived a double life as a pop star, on the hit Disney Channel sitcom that premiered in 2006.

I’ve only been using Apple’s new MacBook Air for a day, but it feels like it could be the best Apple laptop for most people

Apple's new MacBook Air comes with a much improved Magic Keyboard at a slightly lower price, possibly making it the best laptop for Mac loyalists.

Apple’s new iPad Pro is available to buy now, but you can still get the 2018 version — here’s how much all the iPad Pro models cost

The iPad Pro is the most high-end tablet Apple makes. Here's a breakdown of how much every iPad Pro tablet costs.
A lot of horrifying films are set to make their debut in 2020.

15 of the most anticipated horror movies coming out in 2020

From "Run" to "A Quiet Place 2," here some of the scariest thrillers and horror flicks coming out this year and when you can expect to see them.

I’ve been using my Apple Watch to stay productive when working from home — here are 5 ways it helps me get through the workday

With the coronavirus outbreak, many more people are working from home than usual. Here's how I've been using the Apple Watch to manage work remotely.
Every item in the "Mulan" x Colourpop collection costs less than $25.

Colourpop is releasing a ‘Mulan’-inspired makeup line, and everything costs less than $25

The "Mulan"-inspired makeup collection includes everything from lipstick to skin care. It launches on Thursday at 1 p.m. on Colourpop's website.

How to clean your phone, home, and hands to prevent coronavirus spread

Business Insider has compiled the best cleaning tips to keep you healthy, and what supplies to stock up on before a coronavirus quarantine.