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Nintendo’s biggest fan on Wall Street just doubled down on his bullish bet

Jefferies' price target for the Japanese video game company is almost double current prices.

JEFFERIES: Nintendo is nailing absolutely everything it’s doing

Timing will be important for their launches, but Nintendo has nailed announcements recently.

JEFFERIES: Nintendo’s explosive Switch sales should continue to be a rainmaker for the company

Nintendo reported an earnings beat on Tuesday thanks to an explosive performance of Switch sales.

The Nintendo Switch was the hottest product on Black Friday and Cyber Monday — and it wasn’t even on sale

Switch was the hottest online product on Black Friday and Cyber Monday without even being on sale, Jefferies finds.

Nintendo is slipping as Animal Crossing hits 15 million downloads

Nintendo's newest app reached 15 million downloads in its first week of availability. Investors will be watching its monetization strategy.

JEFFERIES: Nintendo has another secret weapon besides the Switch

The company plans to increase its "synergies" between mobile and console games.

Two of the newest Nintendo Switch games show how crazy popular the console is

Nintendo's Switch is flying off the shelves, and two new games for the console are evidence of the Switch's popularity.

Nintendo Switch sales are ‘much stronger’ than the PS4

The Switch console from Nintendo is selling like crazy and crushing sales records of its rivals. The company's stock price is rising along with its sales.

Nintendo’s Switch is sold out everywhere — and investors couldn’t be happier

Nintendo's newest console is sold out everywhere, making gamers sad, but investors happy.

JEFFERIES: Nintendo’s road to huge profits won’t come from its console games

Nintendo just announced a retro console, but it won't be what makes the company money in the long run.