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The controversial game ‘No Man’s Sky’ just re-launched with a huge free update — here are the 5 biggest changes

Nearly two years after a rocky launch, "No Man's Sky" is back with a major update that adds multiplayer — and it's finally available on the Xbox One!

The Steam summer sale is live — here are the best deals we’ve seen so far

One of the most anticipated video game sales of the year has arrived. Check back here daily for sale updates.

The massive and controversial ‘No Man’s Sky’ is finally headed to the Xbox One this summer alongside a major update

After a tumultuous first year and a divisive reception, "No Man's Sky" is back with a major update and a new platform.

Gamers have failed to get a ‘misleading’ ad for ‘No Man’s Sky’ banned

The Advertising Standards Authority ruled that "No Man's Sky" developer Hello Games did not exaggerate the features of the game in an ad on the Steam platform.

Controversial game ‘No Man’s Sky’ just got its first major update — here’s what’s new

Some fans were disappointed by "No Man's Sky." The team behind it just released a massive new update aimed at delighting those spurned fans.

The 14 coolest spaceships players have found in ‘No Man’s Sky’

Here are some of the craziest spaceships that we've found in our travels — in the game and on the internet.

Controversial game ‘No Man’s Sky’ is getting its first major update — and it’s bringing major changes

The folks behind the controversial space exploration game "No Man's Sky" are issuing the game's first major addition, called "The Foundation Update."

Don’t believe that ‘No Man’s Sky was a mistake’ tweet — it was a hack

The folks behind "No Man's Sky" had their server hacked, including their emails and Twitter account.

One of the biggest games of the year is under investigation for false advertising

The ongoing backlash to "No Man's Sky" has reached a new peak, as an advertising authority has decided to step in and investigate.

Sony finally responds to controversy over ‘No Man’s Sky’

"It wasn't a great PR strategy," Sony's President of Worldwide Studios admitted.