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Soldiers stand guard at the truce village of Panmunjom, just north of the de facto border between North and South Korea.

North Korean restaurant manager claims South Korean intelligence services blackmailed him into defecting

Ho Kang-il, a former restaurant manager from North Korea, claims that he and his employees were ‘threatened’ into defecting by the National Intelligence Service (NIS). Ho and his staff were working at a state-run North Korean restaurant in Ningbo, China, in 2016 before they flew to South Korea.
A test-launch of a North Korean ballistic missile.

Nuclear weapons are as confusing as they are deadly — here are 16 terms you keep hearing and what they actually mean

President Donald Trump and his administration is negotiating with Kim Jong Un over North Korea's program to develop nuclear warheads, bombs, and missiles. As talks proceed, it's helpful to define some of the most important (and misunderstood) words, phrases, and acronyms related to nukes.
A wooden boat which drifted ashore with eight partially skeletal bodies at Oga, Japan in late November.

An empty wooden ship washed up in Japan — and it looks like another mysterious North Korean ‘ghost ship’

An overturned wooden vessel was found floating off the Japanese island of Hokkaido on Wednesday afternoon, local media reported. Town authorities say it likely came from North Korea. Dozens of 'ghost ships' from Kim Jong Un's regime have drifted on Japanese shores in the past.
President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin at the APEC Summit in Vietnam in 2017.

Trump could be even more vulnerable in a summit with Vladimir Putin than he was with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

US officials expressed concern over how quickly President Donald Trump was willing to meet his Russian counterpart, and over a dozen officials indicated "that there is no historical precedent for Trump's meeting with Putin."
There's a lot more to North Korea than Kim Jong Un.

A photographer visited North Korea 6 times to see what life is really like — here’s what he saw

French photographer Eric Lafforgue has been to North Korea six times, taking incredible photos along the way.

Trump posts flattering letter from Kim Jong Un that calls him ‘Your Excellency’ 4 times — but doesn’t say much else

Kim's letter mentions sticking to the joint statement released in Singapore, which does mention denuclearization, but North Korea has consistently resisted efforts to verifably disarm.

North Korea snubs US on returning Korean War dead — and it’s a slap in the face for Trump

If North Korea drags its feet on making good on an explicit promises to deliver a symbolic and kind gesture, it signals much bigger problems ahead towards the end goal of peace talks: The regime dismantling its nuclear weapons.
Is this a North Korean attempt at humor?

Kim Jong Un may have purposefully clowned the Trump administration by ditching his Secretary of State for a potato farm

If North Korea wanted to denuclearize, it could simply begin providing information and access to its nuclear sites. Pompeo's trip made no visible progress towards either of those goals, but produced a conspicuous snub from Kim, who preferred his potatoes.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on the conning tower of a sub during his inspection of Korean People's Army Naval Unit 167 in this undated photo.

North Korea is reportedly working on a new submarine capable of firing nuclear-armed missiles

South Korean intelligence has reportedly spotted activity at North Korea's Sinpo shipyard that points to construction of a submarine capable of launching nuclear-armed ballistic missiles.
Elton John.

Trump reportedly plans on gifting Kim Jong Un a CD featuring Elton John’s ‘Rocket Man’ song

President Donald Trump's inspiration for the gift reportedly stemmed from a conversation he had with the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un during their June summit in Singapore.