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A Ryanair plane.

A plane flying from Portugal to Scotland was mistakenly told it was flying near the North Pole when its navigation gear malfunctioned

A Ryanair Boeing 737-800 was flying to Edinburgh when it experienced a number of malfunctions, including with the plane's altitude readings.
The trip is only available in April.

An adventure travel company is opening an igloo hotel at the North Pole, but it’ll cost you $100,000 to stay there. Here’s a look at the w...

High-end adventure travel company Luxury Action is offering a one-of-a-kind experience: Staying overnight in the middle of the Arctic.
A diver wearing a Santa Claus costume swims in a large fish tank during an underwater performance at Sunshine Aquarium in Tokyo, Japan.

Santa Claus would be far more likely to live at the South Pole — here’s what the North Pole really looks like

Unless Santa Claus likes to swim, he probably doesn't live at the geographic North Pole. No people do, but there are polar bears and walruses there.
People walk at Villa Borghese, Rome, after an extremely rare dump of snow.

This is the scientific reason Europe is incredibly cold and snowy this week

An Arctic blast is sweeping through Europe, while sea ice in the North Pole is melting dramatically.

Solar eclipse die-hards use this clever trick to see totality longer than anyone else

Die-hard eclipse chasers will go to great lengths to guarantee they won't miss a second of totality. I flew with them in 2008.

Photos show what it’s like to trek nearly 500 miles to the North Pole

The going was so rough at the start that they covered less than seven miles in those first five days. Then, they had to use a shotgun to scare away polar bears.

What it’s like to be one of the last two people to cross the Arctic to the North Pole — probably ever

Eric Larsen and Ryan Waters arrived at the North Pole on May 7, 2014. It was probably the last unsupported unaided expedition across the ice that will happen.