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K-278 Komsomolets

A sunken one-of-a-kind Soviet nuclear sub appears to be leaking radiation into the sea

Forty-two Russian sailors died when the nuclear sub Komsomolets sank 30 years ago. Researchers just detected elevated radiation levels near the wreck.
A researcher holds the Arctic fox that made the record-setting journey.

A tagged arctic fox shocked scientists when it traveled more than 2,700 miles — from Norway to Canada — in just 76 days

Norwegian researchers published a paper on the fox last week, and said it was the fastest journey ever recorded for an arctic fox.
Some of the world's tallest men: Russian Sergey Ilin, 226cm, American Dave Rasmussen, 221cm, and Robert Steven, 219cm, wait at a pedestrian crossing in Paris.

Ranked: The countries with the tallest people in the world

Everyone knows Icelanders are tall — just look at Hafþór Björnsson, who plays "The Mountain" on "Game of Thrones" — but are they the world's tallest?
Ada Hegerberg will not play in the 2019 World Cup.

Why the best women’s soccer player in the world won’t be at the World Cup

Ada Hegerberg's decision to skip the 2019 World Cup has taken some criticism within the soccer world.
Tjaereholmen, a private island for sale in Norway.

A stunning private island that comes with a 4-bedroom home is up for sale in Norway, and it’s a hermit’s dream

The private island comes with a minimalistic four-bedroom home, a reception area for hosting guests, and a pier for multiple boats.
Norway's Princess Märtha Louise, left and center, announced on Monday that she has a new boyfriend, LA-based shaman Durek Verrett, right.

Norway’s Princess Märtha Louise reveals she’s dating an LA-based shaman

Princess Märtha Louise made the announcement that she's dating Durek Verrett on Monday, two years after divorcing author Ari Behn.
A Beluga whale wearing a Go Pro harness is seen in Norwegian waters, April 26, 2019.

A whale in Norway accused of being a Russian military asset is so friendly that it comes when called and plays fetch with plastic rings

The whale was found by fishermen in Norway with a harness that said "Equipment St. Petersburg." Some think it came from a Russian military facility.
The beluga whale found by fishermen off northern Norway.

A harness-wearing whale that keeps headbutting ships in the Arctic Circle could be a Russian military asset, Norwegian scientists say

The beluga whale, which was wearing a harness that could be fitted with a GoPro clasp, had been harassing Norwegian fishers off the island of Ingoya.
A B-52 Stratofortress returns to RAF Fairford, England, after flying a sortie over Norway, March 28, 2019.

A major US bomber deployment to Europe led to some amazing photos — and to some close encounters with Russia

US and Russian aircraft have been operating in close proximity to one another as a massive B-52 force trains alongside NATO allies in Europe.
In total, six helicopters were used in the mission.

Search-and-rescue crew members describe what it was like during the 18-hour mission to rescue 1,300 cruise passengers during a storm

Speaking to INSIDER, a Search and Rescue pilot and crewman detailed the tense, yet swift operation to get over 400 people off the Viking Sky cruise.