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You can turn on and control Instagram notifications in several ways.

How to turn on Instagram notifications on iPhone or Android, and control which notifications you see

You can turn on Instagram notifications easily and control them in different ways, including turning on post notifications for specific accounts.
If you have the right apps, you can save any GIF from Twitter.

How to stop receiving emails from Twitter using your computer or mobile device

It's easy to stop all or some of the emails Twitter sends you in just a few steps. Here's how to stop Twitter emails on a computer or mobile device.
Customize Edge lighting on a Samsung Galaxy S10 to declutter your screen and use light-based alerts for notifications.

How to use the ‘Edge lighting’ feature on a Samsung Galaxy S10, which replaces your notifications with customizable, light-based alerts

You can customize Edge lighting on a Samsung Galaxy S10 to replace your notifications with light-based alerts. Here's how to enable and customize it.

Thanks for subscribing to our notifications. Here’s a special offer just for you.

Business Insider notifications will notify you about the biggest news we think you'll care about it.
It's easy to change where your notifications show up, limit message notifications specifically, or hide specific message chains to veil them from wandering eyes.

How to hide messages and message notifications on your iPhone, so only you can read them

Worried about people snooping on your iPhone messages? Here's how to hide messages and message notifications on an iPhone, so only you can read them.
Does anyone ever say yes to this?

There’s a simple, quick way to turn off all website notifications in Chrome — here’s how to do it

Tired of being asked whether you want notifications from your favorite websites? Here's how to stop that permanently.
While texting and Instagram unsurprisingly reign supreme, it's interesting to note how many emails these kids are getting, too.

A teacher documented every notification her students received during class, and it’s a startling look at how distracted teens are by their phone...

The teacher's experiment showed just how many times students received a notification, and the sheer number is shocking.

The 5 most important announcements Apple made at its biggest conference of the year, and what they mean for the future

Apple made a ton of important announcements at this year's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) keynote. But it's worth highlighting some of the most important announcements Apple made for developers, consumers, and the company itself.

Apple is stealing a great idea from Android as it gets ready to dramatically improve iPhone notifications

Apple announced at the 2018 Worldwide Developers Conference that it will roll group notifications out to iPhones with the next version of the iPhone operating system, iOS 12. It's taking a page right from Google's Android operating system.