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Donald Trump Jr.

The FBI has obtained wiretaps of a Putin ally tied to the NRA who met with Trump Jr. during the campaign

Spanish police have given the FBI wiretaps they obtained of Alexander Torshin, a prominent Russian gun rights activist who interacted with Donald Trump Jr. during the 2016 US election.
Fox News "The Five" host Greg Gutfeld.

‘Why isn’t this all over the news?’: Fox News commentator lashes out over coverage of a police officer who stopped a school shooting...

Fox News commentator Greg Gutfeld called out other news networks and accused them of bias for not providing coverage of shootings that were prevented.
President Donald Trump

Trump read a CNN story out loud at an NRA rally and praised a judge who questioned Mueller’s intentions

President Donald Trump read a CNN story out loud and praised a judge who questioned special counsel Robert Mueller's authority at a NRA rally on Thursday in Texas.
Supporters of the National Rifle Association are destroying Yeti products.

People are blowing up Yeti coolers over claims the company cut ties with the NRA

Yeti denies that it cut ties with the National Rifle Association, but people are still crushing, shooting, and blowing up its products in videos posted online.

The 3 biggest names on the latest Russia sanctions list have all popped up in the investigation surrounding Trump

Oleg Deripaska, Viktor Vekselberg, and Alexander Torshin were in indirect contact with or had associates who donated to pro-Trump interests.

Mueller’s team is eyeing whether wealthy Russians illegally funneled money into Trump’s campaign and inauguration

Campaign finance laws prohibit foreign nationals from donating to US political campaigns.

Donald Trump Jr. uses YouTube shooting to defend NRA, bash media, liberals

"I look forward to the whole PETA has more mass shooters than the NRA conversations," Donald Trump Jr. said. "I'm sure they will cover that... right?"
NRATV personality Colion Noir.

‘No one would know your names’: NRA TV host slammed the Parkland kids ahead of the March for Our Lives rallies

NRATV personality Colion Noir suggested the Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school students were profiting off their classmates' deaths.

‘You can’t fix stupid but you can vote it out’: Here are some of the best signs from the March for Our Lives protests

Protest signs were out in full swing during Saturday's nationwide March for Our Lives rallies. Many were at turns angry, hopeful, clever, or entertaining.