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After decades of progress, heart disease death rates have remained stagnant.

More middle-aged adults in the US are dying of heart disease after decades of lower risks: ‘Obesity is the new smoking’

Middle-aged Americans are more likely to die of heart disease now than they were in 2011, the Wall Street Journal reports.

People are defending Nike after a journalist slammed the sportswear brand for an ‘immense, gargantuan’ plus-size mannequin

People are defending Nike and slamming the journalist as they push back on her claims that it is impossible for plus-size women to be healthy.
Freakshakes can contain as many as 1,280 calories.

The piled-high ‘Freakshakes’ you see on Instagram may contain as much sugar as 16 donuts

Some of the decadent drinks contain as many as 1,280 calories.
Should overweight travellers be forced to pay for two plane seats?

A man charged an obese passenger sitting next to him on a plane $150 for encroaching on his seat, and he was happy to pay it

The story, which was posted on Reddit, has gone viral, and people are completely divided in their reactions.
Gout can come on suddenly, often as debilitating pain in the big toe.

A painful disease once known for afflicting wealthy kings is making a comeback, and fad diets like keto may be partly to blame

Gout is on the rise because more Americans are feasting on meats, alcohol, and sugary drinks. Paul Manafort reportedly has it.
George Wilson enjoyed his truck driving job but had to quit as his health deteriorated. This picture is from 2014, "somewhere in Texas."

Truck drivers fear for their safety on the road — but the vast majority of them face a much bigger threat

There are long-term health effects that arise from sitting all day and the poor food options at trucking stops.

Smoking hookah could put people at a ‘significantly higher’ risk of diabetes and obesity

One session of hookah smoking can be just as dangerous as finishing a pack of cigarettes, according to a new study of more than 9,000 people.
Your health should be considered holistically and not based on any one factor alone.

7 signs you’re not overweight or obese, even if your BMI says you are

Many argue that BMI is inadequate as it ignores important factors such as family history, genetics, lifestyle, age, gender, and muscle mass.
Overweight people come up against prejudice every day.

People who are overweight get paid less, according to a new study

Obese workers earn an average of £1,940 ($2,512) less per year than their slimmer colleagues, according to data from LinkedIn.
The "distracted boyfriend" meme, which a Sweden advertising watchdog recently ruled is sexist.

A dubious report says memes are to blame for making teens fat

Loughborough University researchers told a British parliamentary committee that memes may be to blame for teen obesity, saying a lot of them mock fitness and healthy eating. The letter may be part of a trend where Europe is increasingly hostile to meme culture.