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A Sony Walkman.

The Walkman is turning 40 — here are 16 other gadgets from the last 50 years that are obsolete

The swift pace of progress means that some gadgets get left behind. Here are 17 pieces of technology from the last 50 years that are no longer in use.

The new iPod says a lot about Apple as a company right now

Apple introduced a "new" iPod this week, but it's hardly new — it's almost identical to the 2015 model, which is almost identical to the 2013 model.
Conventional light switches could become obsolete.

11 pieces of technology experts say could be obsolete in a few decades

From smartphones to light switches, here are the technologies and services experts suggest might be obsolete by 2030 or 2040.
A pay phone.

30 things that might be obsolete by 2020

We're not sure what wildly innovative ideas the future will bring, but we have a pretty good sense of which devices will fall into disuse.

Apple sends the iPhone 4 to the land of obsolete gadgets

Apple has sent two beloved products to the list of obsolete products where old technology goes when it is no longer worth it to maintain.

15 jobs that are quickly disappearing

From postal-service workers to travel agents, these careers are becoming obsolete.