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TIME Editor-in-chief Edward Felsenthal and Hillary Clinton speak onstage during the TIME 100 Summit 2019 on April 23, 2019 in New York City.

Hillary Clinton says the Mueller report proved Trump would be indicted for obstruction of justice if he wasn’t president

"I think there's enough there that any other person who had engaged in those acts would certainly have been indicted," Clinton said Tuesday.
Special Counsel Robert Mueller walks after attending church on March 24, 2019 in Washington, DC.

Bad news for Trump: 64% of Americans think attempting and failing to obstruct justice is as bad as obstructing justice

The special counsel Robert Mueller did not make a prosecutorial judgment on obstruction of justice, but the public has some thoughts about it.

House Judiciary Committee subpoenas former White House counsel Don McGahn in obstruction probe into Trump

The House Judiciary Committee chairman on Monday subpoenaed ex-White House counsel Don McGahn to testify about possible obstruction of justice.

Trump insists ‘nobody disobeys my orders’ after Mueller report cited numerous examples of aides disobeying his orders

The Mueller report listed many examples of Trump's staff routinely ignoring him.
President Donald Trump.

Mueller’s report carved the overarching theme of Trump’s wild presidency into stone

It's unclear how much longer this strategy will help shield the president.
President Trump.

About 33% of Americans think the Mueller report implicates Trump

33% of Americans think the report implicates the president, compared to 22% who thought it vindicated him.

Mueller revealed why he didn’t charge Trump with obstruction, and it directly contradicts what Barr told the public

The special counsel's report directly contradicted nearly all of the attorney general's claims about what prosecutors uncovered in the obstruction case.
President Donald Trump.

Mueller says Trump was unsuccessful in influencing the Russia investigation — but mostly because his aides didn’t follow orders

Trump's "efforts to influence the investigation were mostly unsuccessful ... largely because the persons who surrounded the President declined to carry out orders."
President Donald Trump in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House on March 25, 2019.

Attorney General William Barr says Trump fully cooperated with Mueller investigation, but he didn’t sit for an interview

"The president took no act that in fact deprived the Special Counsel of the documents and witnesses necessary to complete his investigation," Barr said.
Robert Mueller.

Mueller outlines key Trump-Russia contacts and potential instances of obstruction of justice in final report

The full report from the special counsel Robert Mueller included key revelations about the major counterintelligence inquiries in the investigation.