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Camila Cabello said she "super recommends" deep breathing.

Camila Cabello said deep breathing for 5 minutes a day has improved her quality of life, and an expert says the strategy really works for stress relie...

Breathing deeply through your diaphragm can help reduce stress, especially if you focus on a long exhale.
Misophonia can be isolating.

A man said he hasn’t seen his family in years because the sound of their chewing drives him crazy. His condition isn’t unique.

Misophonia is a poorly understood condition that can cause people to experience anger or panic in response to everyday noises.

The surprisingly positive impact OCD can have on your life

People with obsessive compulsive disorder live day to day with anxiety and obsessive thoughts. But once they learn to conquer their thoughts and actions, they can live more successfully after treatment than they did prior to the condition on-setting.
New research analyzed the potential brain abnormalities behind OCD symptoms. Excessive hand-washing is one common OCD compulsion.

New research shows the brains of OCD patients can get stuck in compulsive ‘loops,’ and the finding could lead to better treatment

New research found OCD patients may have more activity in brain areas that recognize errors, but less activity in the brain areas that help them stop.

There’s new evidence of how our DNA shapes depression and other disorders like it

Several recent studies are helping to identify the genetic hallmarks of mental illnesses including depression, anxiety and, most recently, OCD.

Here’s what it could mean when your dog chases its tail

It could be a sign of canine compulsive disorder.

Here’s what it’s really like to have obsessive-compulsive disorder

There's a big difference between how many people imagine OCD and how it really exists. We spoke to people with OCD and doctors to learn more.