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A large collection of VR headsets work with Steam.

‘Which VR headsets work with Steam?’: A full guide to virtual reality on the Steam gaming app

Nearly two dozen VR headsets work with Steam, meaning that you have a wealth of options when diving into the world of virtual reality games.

The technology industry’s lull is giving us a chance to consider its impact on society — while we still can

Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and Google are slowing down, and that's a good thing — all of the recent Silicon Valley scandals present us with the chance to stop and reflect, on what our relationship with technology should be and how to fix it.

Samsung holds a narrow lead over Sony in the virtual reality race

Virtual reality hasn't taken off yet, but Samsung, Sony, and Facebook are leading the pack.

Virtual reality is being used to recreate crime scenes in the courtroom

The technology offers a way for members of a jury to look inside a crime scene or watch a simulation with detail that photos and testimonies can’t capture.

Technology is eroding our ability to understand what’s real and what’s just an illusion

The Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Playstation VR are here. The future of entertainment is going to be both wonderful and terrifying.

This chart shows how far away virtual reality still is from reaching the mass-market

Game developers think it'll take another 15 years for VR/AR devices to reach 40% household adoption, the penetration rate of gaming consoles in North America.

Check out the video of Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey hand delivering the first Rift in Alaska

Palmer Luckey, the founder of Facebook owned Oculus, hand-delivered the first Rift virtual reality headset to a customer in Alaska. Here's the video.

Women are a lot less interested in virtual reality than guys are

According to a recent survey, only 25% of U.S. women are interested in VR at all, and only 16% would pay more than $250.

Someone has created an entire website devoted to pictures of white guys wearing Oculus — and the results are hilarious

Tumblr user @jbasher has created a site called, "White Guys Wearin' Oculus Rift."