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Trump with GM CEO Mary Barra and late FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne.

Trump’s car-industry battle reveals a surprising divide between big auto companies and oil giants

The automakers and the oil companies have long been thought to have shared interests. But when it comes to California's waiver to set its own mileage and emissions standards, those interests may diverge. The EPA has taken on California in a looming battle that big oil wants but big auto doesn't.

Asia’s soaring gas demand opens window for new LNG projects

A liquefied natural...

GE has lots of good stuff going on — but it’s not enough to turnaround the company just yet

While there's some signs of a positive road ahead, it may still be too early to rate the stock higher, an Oppenheimer analyst said.

Vietnam starts high-profile trial over oil firm losses

Vietnam put 22 execut...
US President Donald Trump.

BP expects long term ‘Trump bump’ from the new US tax plan — but it’s taking a $1.5 billion hit for now

The FTSE 100-listed firm said it expects "its future US after-tax earnings to be positively impacted by the recently-enacted changes to US corporate taxes."