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‘Save the baby’s life’: Russian model posts story about King Solomon in a not-so-subtle jibe at Kelantan Sultan

He allegedly disowned his son in July, following rumours that the baby was named after his wife's close male friend.

‘100% his father’s look’: netizens now rallying behind Kelantan Sultan’s ex-wife after she posted photos of son online

"I don't know what's the real story here, but my heart goes out to little Ismail Leon," said one user.

‘She left on her own accord’: Sultan Muhammad V did not abandon Russian wife, lawyers say

He claims he bought her a Porsche Cayenne, and jewellery from Cartier and Jacob Arabo.

[WATCH] Russian model admits divorce from Sultan Muhammad V: ‘he left in December and never came back’

"I don't know what exactly happened, because everything was okay," Voevodina said.

‘It will be painful’: Sultan Muhammad V’s Russian wife just hinted she wants to tell ‘the truth’ about their marriage

"Maybe if I tell you the truth, I will feel better," she wrote on Instagram.

Sultan Muhammad V is Malaysia’s first king to abdicate the throne – here are highlights from his 2-year reign

He witnessed the swearing in of current Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, and was recently rumoured to have married a former model from Russia.

Here’s everything we know about the Russian model who’s married to Malaysia’s King

She is believed to be a business graduate from the elite Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.