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Olivia Wilde cut Jason Sudeikis' hair.

Olivia Wilde and Ellen DeGeneres ganged up on Jason Sudeikis and gave him a surprise haircut

The actor was surprised Monday when his spouse and the talk show host gave him a haircut while he was on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."
This house runs on Dunkin'.

Dunkin’ Donuts built a tiny home that’s powered by coffee — and it cost just $10 a night to stay there

Dunkin' Donuts revealed the first-ever tiny home to run on coffee grounds, a 275-square-foot structure.

This actress was considered ‘too old’ to play Leo DiCaprio’s wife in ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ when in her 20s

"I want to make a translation sheet for Hollywood that's all the feedback your agents give you and then what it really means."

Olivia Wilde perfectly sums up the importance of your 30s

The 31-year-old actress bluntly breaks down the decades.