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A 3-time gold medalist’s hopes of competing in another Olympics this summer came to an agonizing halt over the course of a whirlwind week

"The situation seemed to progress so much even by the hour," American swimmer Ryan Murphy told Insider. "That was a crazy situation to be apart of."

3-time Olympic gold medalist Ryan Murphy pushed his car up a hill as a creative workout alternative during quarantine

"We couldn't get it very far up the hill," Ryan Murphy told Insider. "But that was a nice way to work out the legs."

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? The 1992 Dream Team that dominated Olympic basketball

Many members of the dominant 1992 US men's basketball team are still prominent figures in the sports world today.

32 jaw-dropping photos of Simone Biles destroying the competition

The upcoming Tokyo Olympics will serve as an opportunity for Simone Biles is the most dominant to tie a bow atop her illustrious gymnastics career.

20 examples of Alex Morgan’s competitive drive that has made her a USWNT icon

USWNT star Alex Morgan has a "scary" competitive streak, according to her dad, but it's made her one of the most accomplished players in US history.

2008 Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson shares her advice for athletes who planned to compete in the 2020 Tokyo games

"You have to look at it differently," Shawn Johnson said. "It's not your average Olympics anymore, it's the Olympics amidst the pandemic."

Katie Ledecky has gotten creative with her pre-Olympic workouts while in lockdown, incorporating fins, flippers, and snorkels into her routine

Olympic swimming icon Katie Ledecky said she's had to be "adaptive to the circumstances" during a #WeKeepPlaying Livestream.
Samantha Achterberg.

A Team USA pentathlete says she’s been shooting laser pistols in her driveway and fencing without a partner while training for the postponed Tok...

US pentathlete Samantha Schultz Achterberg is competing in the Tokyo Olympics told Insider about her new post-coronavirus training routine.
Stephanie Roble, far left, and Maggie Shea; Samantha Achterberg, right.

Team USA Olympians say there’s a ‘sense of relief’ in the games being postponed, even if that means training for an extra year

Insider spoke to USA Sailing Team's Stephanie Roble and Maggie Shea, and pentathlete Samantha Schultz Achterberg about the Olympics being postponed.
The most decorated Olympian of all time said he's worried that the delay of the Games could have an adverse effect on athletes' mental health.

Michael Phelps worries that we could see more athlete suicides due to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics postponement

Since retiring, Michael Phelps has shifted his attention away from the pool and opened up about his own struggles with anxiety and depression.