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Zeel cofounder and CEO Samer Hamadeh

On-demand massage app Zeel reportedly failed to protect its contract workforce of massage therapists from its customers’ creepy and inappropriat...

Zeel cofounder and CEO Samer Hamadeh told Business Insider that the 9-year-old startup recently hired a head of trust and safety.

Kylie Jenner spent more than $10,000 on Postmates in the last year alone. Here’s what she likes to order

Kylie Jenner holds the unofficial record for placing the most Postmates orders in a 10-minute window.

San Francisco is getting tiny self-driving robots that could put delivery people out of a job

San Francisco-based Starship Enterprises has unveiled a fleet of autonomous robots that will deliver goods from retail storefronts to homes.

How one VC picks the next Uber from a litany of ‘Uber for X’ clones

Redpoint's Ryan Sarver walked Business Insider through his framework on investing in on-demand companies

This wireless exec turned senator is leading the fight for workers of the Uber economy

US Sen. Mark Warner (D), who helped start wireless company Nextel, is focused on bringing stability to workers in the on-demand economy.

Why this startup flip-flopped on its promise to never copy Uber’s detested surge pricing

Zirx promised its customers to never introduce surge pricing, but soon found out it needed it to scale.

Pandora CEO: This is why giving people access to on-demand music that’s ‘free all the time’ is a problem

Pandora CEO Brian McAndrews weighs in on free music streaming.

Accounting software giant Intuit just took a big step into human resources

Startups are hiring like they are on steroids, Intuit says, so it's created a free product to help with the onboarding.