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Chinese blogger Zhao Yuqing, 24, was hired to pose as the girlfriend of a single man over a holiday weekend last year.

Chinese men are using apps to hire fake girlfriends, and the story of a woman who got 700 offers illustrates the country’s growing marriage prob...

Young men in China are using apps to hire women to pose as their girlfriends to avoid pressure from their families. Reuters followed one girlfriend-for-hire over a holiday weekend, and her experience illustrates China's growing marriage problem.
Children performing Taige, a folk performance, to celebrate the upcoming Chinese lantern festival in Pujiang county,

China’s government may be moving away from its two-child policy as birth rates continue to plummet

The deputy director of family planning said the policy isn't changing but his office was disbanded the next day.

The consequences of violating China’s one-child policy were sometimes horrific

Millions of women were sterilized under the one-child policy.

Everyone piling into baby-formula stocks because China ended its one-child policy needs to calm down

Nomura analysts say the rally in stocks that stand to benefit from China's relaxation of its one-child policy is "an overreaction."