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$9 billion startup Stripe has a new plan to make shopping online less frustrating

Stripe, the $9 billion payments processing startup, has a new set of tools so stores can build better checkouts.
WorldRemit CEO and founder Ismail Ahmed.

Online money transfer service WorldRemit’s revenue jumps to £41 million — and it’s forecasting 50% growth again this year

WorldRemit narrowed its losses from £19.4 million in 2015 to £15.3 million last year.

GOLDMAN SACHS: Paypal is safe from Amazon — for now

Amazon's stock price has been on a tear as it tackles new areas of business, but online payments, and that sector's biggest player, could be safe.

Hiring is so competitive in Silicon Valley that $5 billion startup Stripe is interviewing and hiring entire teams at once

Between two and five engineers can apply at once, and they have to each have their own résumé and explain how they know each other.