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A group of Ukrainian officers enter the U.S. OC-135B observation aircraft at a military base near Kiev

The US Air Force flew an ‘extraordinary’ mission over Ukraine in response to Russia’s attack at sea

A US Air Force observation aircraft flew over Ukraine Thursday in response to "increasingly provocative and threatening" Russian behavior.

The nastiest feud in the airline industry isn’t over just yet

The Trump administration and the UAE government agreed to quell the nastiest dispute in the airline industry for a year. However, whether things have really changed is uncleawr

It’s war: American Airlines cuts ties with 2 of its biggest rivals in huge airline dispute

American Airlines has ended its code-sharing agreement with Etihad and Qatar Airways amid a long-running dispute over government subsidies.

The nastiest feud in the airline industry has reached a fever pitch

United Airlines on Sunday will protest Dubai-based Emirates' new service from Newark Liberty International to Athens, Greece.

One major issue divides the airline CEOs meeting Trump Thursday

On Thursday, President Donald Trump will meet with leading CEOs from the US aviation industry.