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It’s time for tech giants to retire the ‘keynote’ — Apple, Google, and others are all making the same mistake with their produ...

Opinion: Steve Jobs' keynote presentations for Apple have inspired countless copies, where a rotating carousel of company executives stand on a stage to debut new gadgets and services. But the act is getting old.

The curious timing of Facebook’s first hardware product, the $200 ‘Portal’

Do you trust a camera-and-microphone device from Facebook in your home?

Tesla is too big to fail — but not for the reason you might think

Tesla survived the summer and Musk settled with the SEC just in time to witness the UN issue its most dire warnings about global warming to date. If we have only until 2040 to drastically reduce the warming trend, we can't afford to lose Tesla.

Android phones everywhere are adopting the iPhone X design — and it’s caused them to miss a golden opportunity

Last year, Apple unveiled a smartphone that looked completely unique. Thirteen months later, that design is everywhere — for better or for worse.

Why global markets are collapsing right now, and who you should blame for it

A major correction in the asset markets has been building for a while. There have been 10 years of economic growth since the great financial crisis of 2008, and a bull market in stocks of pretty much the same length.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Tesla may be making a perilous mistake trying to make Autopilot into a full self-driving system

Tesla has remained committed to a vision of is Autopilot system as a fully self-driving technology. But nothing about Autopilot suggests that it will be able to move into the new business of autonomous mobility, which is being pioneered by GM's Cruise division and by Alphabet's Waymo.
Conor McGregor.

We analysed who will win tonight’s Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Conor McGregor fight — and the answer is clear

The headline fight at the upcoming UFC 229 event on October 6 pits reigning and defending UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov against tough-talking Conor McGregor. Business Insider foresees only one winner — and that winner is Nurmagomedov.

Apple needs to create a better solution for searching through the hundreds of emojis on your iPhone

There are 70 new emoji coming to iPhones — and still no easy way to search for them.
Mark Zuckerberg looks glum during Congress grilling.

Facebook’s latest data blunder is mind-blowingly bad, and users should be burning with rage

Facebook greedily gobbled up information about people's entire online identities but didn't do enough to protect that information. It has profited from data for too long and deserves to lose billions off its market cap for not taking due care.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

It’s unthinkable that the SEC would destroy Tesla over something as trivial as an Elon Musk tweet

OPINION: The SEC has charged Tesla CEO Elon Musk with fraud and could seek to ban him from leading the carmaker. The SEC's case hinges on a tweet that Musk wrote in August. The idea that the SEC could crush Tesla based largely on something as trivial as an ill-advised tweet is extremely troubling.